Speed: eleFLOW provides the world's fastest flowcharting wizard whereas visio does not include a flowcharting wizard. eleFLOW does not require the user to do any drawing as this is done automatically by the flowcharting wizard.

Ease of use: eleFLOW does not require the user to have any flowcharting knowledge, whereas Visio does.

Efficiency: Although you can print procedures with both products, only eleWIKI is designed to broadcast procedures specifically for online purposes - to empower employees through maximum information access.

Simplicity: eleWIKI allows users to interactively see only the specific steps that apply to the situation at hand. This means that once you have eleFLOW procedures implemented, you can have someone fulfill a new job position with virtually no procedural training required. This eliminates the confusion that comes with having to visually follow through an entire procedure when students are waiting to be served.

Internal or external functionality: The Eleware system can allow procedures to be managed both for your internal staff, and for your students. Having interactive procedures available for customsers can significantly reduce the strain on your call centre.

Standards of quality: Since eleFLOW does all the drawing of tasks and decisions for you, each procedure conforms to standardized rules of flowcharting which increases readability across all of your departments. In contrast, Visio is a free-form drawing tool which often creates readability problems when procedures are transferred from one user to another.

The ability to manage procedure feedback: The eleFLOW system allows for feedback to be collected and tracked for each individual procedure. The incorporation of procedure feedback creates a loop of integrity so that procedures remain up to date. Visio does not provide any procedure feedback functionality.

The ability to manage change: eleFLOW allows users to decide which procedure changes require broadcasting, and which do not. In addition to this, change notification is distributed on the user level, as opposed to a general message to a group. Visio does not provide any change notification functionality.

The ability to control access to procedures: eleFLOW comes equipped with a User Administrator which allows you control who sees what. Visio does not provide such a user administrator.